Applying rotations to my custom model

  • Dear all,

    Some elements of my custom model store local coordinate systems, which we need for some operations. Unfortunately I haven't found the way after using the Rotation editor, to apply the transformation to the basis. Is there a way to do this? If not I am thinking of creating my own rotation editor, would it be possible to extend the current rotation editor?

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  • Dear Elisa,

    the rotation editor only works on atoms. Does your custom model contain atoms? If yes, you might be able to connect to the model's structural signal and react to the ParticlePositionChanged event (see this tutorial for more information on signals: Then, you would deduce the change in the coordinate system by looking at the change of positions in the atoms. Note that this wouldn't work if there would be a non-rigid deformation applied by another editor.

    If your custom model does not contain any atom, yes you will have to develop an editor to rotate it, and extending the current rotation editor will not help (for 0.8.0, we're looking to expose the underlying controller, for this type of situations).



  • Dear Stephane,

    Yes, we have atoms. The 0.8.0 solution will be the best long-term, as we are dealing with large systems and FPS drop a lot when translating or rotating, but for now I will check the ParticlePositionChanged event.



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