Can't download Adenita, other elements work

  • I'm trying to download Adenita so that I can convert some oxDNA files, but even after clicking 'add' and restarting SAMSON several times, I don't see any indication that Adenita has been installed. Checking back on the website, it says that it's already added to my instillation of SAMSON. I tried with other apps, and I was able to download Bond Angle Distribution, which showed up under the apps tab after restarting the program, as per the instructions. Is anyone else having issues installing Adenita with the most current version of SAMSON?

  • Dear John,

    Thanks for your interest in SAMSON. please note that, to use Adenita, you will need to install an older version than the current one (e.g. 0.8.5) (there’s a checkbox for this in the installer) since this module is not yet available for SAMSON 2020.



  • Dear John,

    As Stephane pointed out, Adenita is for now compatible just with SAMSON 0.8.5 or 0.7.0, for Windows and Linux. But there are plans to port it to SAMSON 2020 and Mac, I expect this versions to be available during April this year.

    Best regards,


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