Error while trying to build a Samson element : "The name cmake is not recognize as a command, function or file name..."

  • I’m trying to build the Samson element I've juste created (following this tutorial) but I’m stuck with this error :


    I checked "adding cmake to path folder" when I installed cmake, but what should I see in my path finder ? I don't think it has worked well.

    If you had encountered this error before, what can I do to fixe it ?

    Thank you for the help.

  • Dear @Jean-Baptiste ,

    Thank you for your interest in SAMSON!

    According to your screenshot, I think the problem here is due to an unnecessary newline character in the command you past in the PowerShell terminal due to copying.

    Please, note: we recommend not to build your Elements in the SAMSON Debug folders - you should use a dedicated folder to develop your SAMSON Elements

    If you have -DQT5_CMAKE_INCLUDE_DIR environment variable defined in your system you can compile for Visual Studio 2017 like this:
    cmake -DSAMSON_SDK_PATH="C:\Program Files\NANO-D\SDK\0.7.0" -G"Visual Studio 15 Win64" ..
    else like this:
    cmake -DSAMSON_SDK_PATH="C:\Program Files\NANO-D\SDK\0.7.0" -G"Visual Studio 15 Win64" -DQT5_CMAKE_INCLUDE_DIR="C:\Qt\5.9.3\msvc2017_64\lib\cmake" ..

    You can copy the command from here.

    You can also check whether the cmake is defined in your system by e.g. checking its version number:
    cmake --version

    I would also recommend to follow the updated tutorial on Building on Windows in the Developer guide.

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