Problem of graphics card after SAMSON installation on Ubuntu 18.04 (Intel processors)

  • Thanks a lot Dmitryi. I will keep looking for a solution also on my side.
    I also asked for help of the support team at INRIA, so I let you know of course if I solve the problem. Best regards

  • Hello Dmitriy, hope you are doing well, I solved my problem for VMD, it was my bad, I had installed the text mode version (I didn't realize I was doing such a mistake ...). The problem for SAMSON was thus completely decorrelated from that of VMD.
    For SAMSON, the problem seems related to Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic and Intel i7 8th generation processors. It seems not to suffice that they support OpenGL 3.2. Another person in my team has almost the same computer , installed SAMSON and had the same graphics problem. When he activated his NVIDIA card, SAMSON worked (disgrafully, I don't have a NVIDIA card so I can't use this trick).

    Maybe it can be due to the libraries SAMSON appeals when it was built, maybe it asks for more than available to these new INTEL processors ? Or it is a specific problem related to Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic with such INTEL processors ... ?
    Best regards,

  • Hello @Robert ,
    Thanks to your feedback, we have fixed the issue in SAMSON when using Intel integrated graphics processor. You can try installing SAMSON.

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