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  • Dear all,

    I am opening this topic to collect issues, bugs or requests from Adenita's users. Adenita is a very flexible tool and therefore the feedback of users is very important, as we couldn't test all possible editor combinations and use cases.

    You can find user documentation here:

    If you find the documentation lacking, let me know what you would like to add.

    Please, write also which version of Adenita are you using and in which OS are you using it. I will try to fix bugs for all versions, although new features will only go in the most recent version. Besides a good description of the problem, sample files help greatly to debug.

    Thank you for your help!


  • I have a structure I would like to alter a bit using Adenita, but whenever I try to select it, it becomes non-responsive and crashes. I've tried using a .json file and a .pdb file and neither is capable of having parts selected. I tried on two different computers, one with a quad-core and one with a 6-core and it still crashed. Is there a way I can perform this on my build? Or is this a software issue that others experienced?

    OS: Windows 10
    Ver: SAMSON 0.8.5

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