SAMSON crashes when I try to select a section of my DNA origami

  • I have a structure I would like to alter a bit using Adenita, but whenever I try to select it, it becomes non-responsive and crashes. I've tried using a .json file and a .pdb file and neither is capable of having parts selected. I tried on two different computers, one with a quad core and one with a 6-core and it still crashed. Is there a way I can perform this on my build? Or is this a software issue that others experienced.

  • Dear @Olivia ,

    The Adenita extension has been developed and is supported by external developers ( @Elisa ). And Adenita is in an alpha stage and might have some issues. We plan on porting this extension to the most recent SAMSON version.

    You can also copy your question to the specific topic: Adenita - User Support.

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