Load and save camera settings

  • For the purpose of making pictures, I would like to have take photos of different models (.sam, .samx) at the same camera positions and views. Is it possible to save and load camera settings?

  • Using Python script your can get the camera's position like this:


    or just:


    To set the eye position of the camera to the desired one you can do:

    position=Type.position3(1000, 10000, -10000)

  • Yes, and you will also need to save and restore the up vector and the target position.

    Note that another possibility is to copy paste the camera from one document to another:

    • open the document with the camera position you like (document 1)
    • open the document with the camera you want to change (document 2)
    • copy the camera from document 1 (select the camera of document 1, Edit /Copy)
    • paste the camera to document 2 (select the camera of document 2 to indicate where you want to paste, then Edit / Paste)
    • make the new camera of document 2 active (right click / Set as active camera)

  • Thanks for the replies, Dmitriy and Stephane.

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