Windows Installation Woes

  • The installer requires a) installation without administrative privileges (nice to tell), but b) write permission in personal directories (that may be write protected), with c) no way to set the installation directory at time of installation. So the setup dies (with no way to interact and fix it
    !). Why is the connection to home base attempted to be made under port 80 (unencrypted or protected?).

    Please fix and permit to set the directory at time of installation so the installation can progress. I had to find the unpacked installation and run the InstallSAMSON.exe by hand (in variations and create directories by hand!) instead of with the downloaded SAMSON-Setup.exe to succeed. As I am not a beginner, but have several decades of IT experience, including professional and as developer: The installation has quite a bit of headroom for improvement and not everyone installs on a tablet with everything open for everyone, sorry. I would be happy to talk to SAMSON developers regarding this. Looking nice is not everything.

    (thinking about looking at the Linux installation instead)

  • @martin-1

    Dear Martin,

    Thanks for your feedback. It appears you’re on a very specific machine as most users install SAMSON within minutes without any issues on Windows Linux or Mac in standard directories. Please contact the developers at as indicated in the automated email you received about installation.

    We’re happy you think SAMSON is looking good too :).


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