Covalent bonds from .cif files

  • Hi,

    I'm new to this software and I am trying to create covalent bonds automatically from .cif files. Unfortunately when I insert .cif files I can only see the atoms. When I click document viewer -> create covalent bonds (as per the tutorial) nothing happens. Is there another option that I'm missing?

    Thank you

  • Dear @Oisin ,

    Covalent bonds are created based on the interatomic distances. Maybe the atoms are placed too far from each other? Could you please check the distance between atoms in your system - you can do it using the Measure editor by clicking on two atoms consecutively. Could you please attach a .cif file in which you experience the problem such that we could check it.

    By the way, are you referring to .cif for biomolecules (mmcif/PDBx format) or .cif for crystals?

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