The use of displayText function

  • I would like to display a text at the same position as atoms (e.g: display three atoms' serial number). I looked at displayText(std::string text, const SBPosition3 &position, std::string fontFamily, int fontSize, float ∗ color) function but I have some compilation errors. Please, would you mind giving me an example of using this function?

  • Starting with SAMSON 0.6.0, the displayText function takes a QFont instead of a std::string (see the SAMSON class in SDK/0.6.0/include/Facade/SAMSON/SAMSON.hpp, or the documentation at, to give developers more control. An example would thus be to include the following lines in the display function of e.g. a visual model (derived from SBVisualModel) or a label (derived from SBLabel):

    float color[4] = { 1.0, 1.0, 0.5, 1.0 }; // red, green, blue, alpha
    SAMSON::displayText("Hello world", SBPosition3(SBQuantity::angstrom(0.0), SBQuantity::angstrom(0.0), SBQuantity::angstrom(0.0)), QFont("Segoe UI", 60, 200), color);

    This would produce the following text at the origin:

  • @stephane-redon Thank you, Sir. It is really helpful

  • @stephane-redon I tried with a visual model and this is what I got as result:

    I would like to get this kind of result (for instance: put on each atom its serial number):

    Is it possible? I am looking for the way to add a label like SAMSON ruler element does.

    Thank you in advance

  • Could you please check to see what happens when you add an atom in the document? There might be an issue when you only have a visual model that displays text, and nothing else. Once this works, it should be easy to position the text on the atoms by sending their position to the displayText function.

  • Hi @stephane-redon, sorry for my late response. When I add atoms, nothing happens, they are correctly added.

    I have a visual model that displays arrow on atoms. It reads coordinates from a file and then displays arrows. My problem is that I would like to displays arrows when the user clicks on a button. I tried the way a structural model is added to the active layer programmatically but it does not work. Please, would mind helping me with it?

    This is just an inspiration from how a structural model is added:

    SBMVisualModel* visualModel = new SBMVisualModel();
    SAMSON::beginHolding("Display vp by arrows");
    SEFleXibleVisualModel vModel; // this is my visual model
    vModel.fileName = vp_file; // this is to set the coordinates file
    //visualModel.display(); // I don't know if I need to call this method or not
    visualModel->addChild(vModel); // add my visual model to the SBMVisualModel
    SAMSON::getActiveLayer()->addChild(visualModel); // add to the active layer

    If this is solved I think I could then display atoms' serial numbers

    Thank you in advance.

  • @Stephane-Redon, it's done :) Thanks. Here's what I did:

    SEFleXibleVisualModel* model = new SEFleXibleVisualModel(vp_file, "vp"); // my visual model
    SAMSON::beginHolding("Display vp by arrows");
    // stop holding changes to the document

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