SBGWindow raising

  • Hi all,

    I have noticed that SBGWidow objects have a raise function that works only if the locked flag is set to true otherwise calling the raise function has no effect on the window. Is it possible to change this behavior such it would work independently of this flag ?

    Thanks in advance !

  • Can you please post a code example? When a user presses an app icon we call the raise function to put its GUI on top and it works whatever the flag is:


  • Actually I didn't explain well the case where the raise didn't worked for me as I expected. When you have two windows, with the first one locked and the second unlocked. If the raise function is called for the second unlocked window, it doesn't go on top of the first locked window.

    For those who might interest, I found a simple solution. You need to temporarily lock the window, call the raise function then unlock the window.

    Thank you Stephane for your quick answer !

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