Gromacs Fatal crash

  • Since I don't have a Academic account (but I'm still at school, and I'm using Samson for a school project) I don't have access to the IM-UFF. So I decided to try GROMACS but it crash. Can someone tell me if it's just me orother people have this issue and can someone explain me if I can switch my account to an Academic account.

    Thanks a lot!

    Arnaud Giguère
    P.S.: I'm using Samson 0.7.0

  • Hi Arnaud, thanks for your interest in SAMSON and sorry about this crash. We are not able to reproduce it here. Could you please try to remove the GROMACS element and add it again as follows:

    • Sign in on SAMSON Connect, you will arrive in My SAMSON / My Elements
    • On the SAMSON Element called "GROMACS interaction models", you should see an "Installed" button. When you hover the mouse over it, the button turns to "Remove". Click on it.
    • Restart SAMSON, this will uninstall the GROMACS element. Quit SAMSON.
    • On SAMSON Connect, the button mentioned above should turn to "Add again" (this might take a minute). Click on it. It should turn to "Pending".
    • Restart SAMSON, this will install the GROMACS element.

    Please let me know if this helps. Academic accounts are the ones with academic email addresses. Is it possible for you to sign up with one?

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