Where is element genrator?

  • Hello,

    On the developper guide it's written where is the SamsonElementGenerator: "The Element Generator is located in the Helpers/Binaries folder of SAMSON's SDK."
    I have no such folder in my Samson dir.
    Installation of SAMSON created just one dir: NANO-D
    Here what I have:

    Lilas bomble # cd NANO-D/
    Lilas NANO-D # ls
    Lilas NANO-D # cd SAMSON/
    Lilas SAMSON # ls
    Lilas SAMSON # cd 0.7.0/
    Lilas 0.7.0 # ls

    No Helpers anywhere...
    Thanks for help

    PS: I am on ubuntu

  • Hello Laëtitia,

    Thank you for your interest in SAMSON ! Recently we modified the way we use the SDK tools that are the Element Generator, the Element Packager and the UUID Generator. From now on they are considered as SAMSON elements. Therefore you can find and add them to your SAMSON directly from the Elements page of SAMSON-connect.

    The developer guide will be updated to contain this information very soon ! Thank you for your feedback.


  • Dear @Laëtitia

    The SAMSON Element Generator can now be invoked from SAMSON. Please, check if you have the SAMSON Element Generator added.

    Please, check also the tutorial about how to generate a SAMSON Element.

    Best regards,

  • Found it!

  • Hum the addition of SDK Element Generator have been pending for a while now. It's that normal?

  • Have you restarted SAMSON? You need to restart SAMSON for it to download an Element and install it.

  • I thought I did but you're right now it's fine.

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