Inheriting fields in the inspector class and vector fields

  • Dear all, I have derived my won classes from SAMSON classes (for example, SBAtom), and I'm able to add custom fields to the inspector, but I would also like that the default inspector fields would be available. Do I need to code them or is there an easy way to "inherit" them?

    Also, how can I produce custom inspector fields that display positions? I have used:

    SB_ATTRIBUTE_READ_ONLY(SBPosition3 const&, MyAtomClass, Position, "Position", "Properties");

    But only the last coordinate (Z) is displayed.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Dear Elisa, there's no way right now to automatically inherit attributes, so you have to re-add them.
    There's a bug in the read-only position inspector, unfortunately, which is fixed in the upcoming 0.8.0. If possible, you can use a read-write inspector, or indeed write a new one. Maybe the simplest option is to have three read-only length attributes?

    SB_ATTRIBUTE_READ_ONLY(SBQuantity::length const&, MyAtomClass, X, "X", "Properties");
    SB_ATTRIBUTE_READ_ONLY(SBQuantity::length const&, MyAtomClass, Y, "Y", "Properties");
    SB_ATTRIBUTE_READ_ONLY(SBQuantity::length const&, MyAtomClass, Z, "Z", "Properties");

    I will add a tutorial about writing an inspector and I will let you know about it.

  • Dear Stephane,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I will add the position in three attributes for now. Looking forward to 0.8.0!

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