Qt dependencies for Windows 10

  • Hi, yes, I deleted the build folder and run cmake after checking out from the Python bindings version. If I add Anaconda3 now I don't think it will crush unless I re-run cmake again, I have cloned my repository again so I don't need to check out and will test this next time I run the version with python bindings.

    I never had problems launching the version with Python Bindings in the debug mode, it just doesn't show up but otherwise runs fine, but I will check again.

  • Could you, please, also check whether in the CMakeLists of your Element you link to a Python library even in the Debug version?

  • Hi Dmitriy,
    My CMakeLists for the Python Bindings version is like you posted above, so I'm not linking in the debug mode. My other branches don't have any reference to Python in the CMakeLists, so they are not linking neither.

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