Basic atom display for big systems

  • For crystals, it would be nice to display atoms with basic discs (in orthographic view) for comparison with experiment and maybe to increase the speed for big systems. Thanks a lot for your work very appreciated !

  • Rendering of spheres is fast, it is done on GPU, rendering of disks should not make it much faster. It is the Document view, which makes it slower for bigger systems, but it will be faster in the next SAMSON version.

    If you want to see the flat visualization of atoms, you can modify the rendering preferences via changing the lightning preferences in SAMSON (see User guide: Visualizing. Lightning section). Basically, in the SAMSON preferences (Ctrl/Cmd+K) go to Rendering > Lightning: set the light intensity for first and second lights to zero; set the ambient light to 1 and the Fresnel intensity to 0.

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