Is the "Interactive State Updater" available in 0.8.5?

  • I reproduced the Springs developer tutorial in the programming part. However, I cannot select the interactive state updater which is recommended in the tutorial. I have only FIRE state updater.

    I am using Samson version 0.8.5.

    How to get the interactive state updater selectable?

  • Hello @Petr-0

    Yes, it is available on SAMSON 0.8.5.
    Could you, please, check whether you have the State Updater Pack Element, it contains the Interactive modeling updater and other state updaters. Once you add it, you need to restart SAMSON such that SAMSON could download it and install it.

    If you have it added and still do not see it in your SAMSON, could you, please, open the Log viewer in SAMSON (Interface menu > Log viewer) and type in the Filter 'State'. You should see 2 lines: one with an information on the Elements installation and another one with an information on whether it was loaded successfully or not. See the picture below.
    If one of these lines is red, please, post here the description from the Log detail.

  • Yes, I don't find the lines with State in them.

    I submitted the log over the app.

  • Thank you for submitting the log! We will check it.

    Do you have the State Updater Pack Element added from SAMSON Connect?

    If you don't find these lines with StateUpdaterPack in the log, it means that you do not have this Element added and installed.

  • I cannot find this element in the elements page neither with search, nor in the section All.

    I think this element got omitted for some reason.

    Thank you for providing the direct link.

    How to see the whole list of elements available?

  • Ok, I can see more under My Samson...

  • Yes, this is a default Element, meaning every user has it by default when he/she registers. Default Elements (e.g. basic impoters, exporters, state updaters) are not shown in the list of SAMSON Elements, but they are shown on the My SAMSON page (you need to be logged in to see it) from where they you can remove them from your SAMSON installation or add them again later.

    Log in on SAMSON Connect, follow the State Updater Pack Element link and click Add.

  • My troubles indicate that the default elements better also be shown in the list of All SAMSON Elements. Please, consider this as a feature request. Namely, a feature that all elements are shown in the section All SAMSON Elements.

  • Hi Petr, thanks for the suggestion. We are thinking we might actually go the opposite route, i.e. hide these elements from My SAMSON / My Elements, so that they cannot be removed.

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