Newly Generated Apps Not Appearing

  • Hello, I am attempting to generate a new SAMSON element, more specifically and App. After doing so, and building it in terminal, it doesn't appear in SAMSON after closing and reopening the program.

    The build appears to be complete (says configuration complete). I am on a Mac computer too.
    Thank you

  • Dear @Lauren ,

    Could you please verify if you followed all the instructions as written in the Documentation: Building on Mac OS X.

    Does the ALL_BUILD target build successfully? Did you build the install target afterward? Do both build and run steps have the same Debug/Release configuration?

  • Hello,

    ALL_BUILD is built successfully. And I think the install target was the issue. I only installed the element in 'Debug' configuration, but it works in 'Release' configuration now. Thank you,

  • Great! Thanks for the reply.

    Please do not hesitate if you have more questions.

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