No Button to Launch Python Script console

  • Hi,
    I have installed Samson 7.0 for windows and I am having trouble to load the Python script element. I followed the procedure and it looks like the element has been installed because is not in pending mode anymore. However, I do not see the button to launch the Jupyter console from Samson. Let me know how I could solve this issue. Thanks!

  • Hi @Max
    For the Python Scripting, it is necessary to specify in the OS environment variables the path to the Python executable.
    If you are using Windows and Python installed by Anaconda, then you will need to append to the Path environment variable the paths to your installation of Anaconda, like that (depends on where Anaconda is installed): C:\Anaconda3;C:\Anaconda3\Scripts;
    On Windows, it might be necessary to restart your system after that. All the rest should be detected automatically during the launch of SAMSON.

    Also, to be able to use Python Scripting in SAMSON you will need the next Python packages installed: jupyter, qtconsole, numpy. These packages should be installed automatically if you installed Python using the Anaconda installer. You can verify your installation ( and check whether the necessary packages were installed. If they are not installed (which is the case for installation using the Miniconda installer), you can install them via:
    conda install jupyter qtconsole numpy

    You can check the installation instructions for Python Scripting here:

    Please, let us know if you still experience problems.

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