Editor names not showing in GUI

  • Hi!

    Our Samson element has several editors. The icons and descriptions are showing perfectly in the GUI, but the editor names are missing:

    1_1549894945605_example2.png 0_1549894945603_example1.png

    The getName() methods on the editor's GUI sources are set, as well as other methods in the editor sources like getToolTip() and getText(). Am I missing somethig?

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  • Yes, it is a bug, which will be fixed in the next SDK version.

    You need to implement getDescription() function in you editor.
    Add the following line in the header file of your editor:

    virtual QString	getDescription() const;	///< Returns the menu item text

    And in the source file:

    QString SEAwesomeEditor::getDescription() const {
    	return QObject::tr("Awesome editor");

  • Thanks!! Solved!

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